2016 Hero Award Recipients


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What? Why?
The Hero Awards, sponsored by Bell, celebrate Mississauga residents each year who have made extraordinary contributions to crime prevention in their community. Crime prevention is everyone’s business. the hero awards honour those who have made social and environmental changes to reduce criminal activity at home, at work and at play.

The 2016 Hero Award Recipients

Sreshta Rout (The Individual Hero Award)

Sreshta is a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator in charge of the Southfork Drive and Brookwood Court Watch Group. She has shown tremendous influence in making her neighbourhood a safer place, and going above and beyond the call of duty. Since starting her Watch group single-handedly, she has held 6 Neighbour Night Out events in her cul-de-sac. She has held pot-lucks and garage sales, all for the purpose of educating residents on crime prevention and safety. Her events draw the entire neighbourhood, as she makes the effort to re-canvass her whole Watch group and flyer for them. She also brings political interest as she invites the Councillors, MP, MPP, and police to attend every year. Sreshta takes initiative, and regularly calls Safe City Mississauga to report criminal occurrences and events in the neighbourhood. She is passionate about crime prevention and safety, and is a committed Watch member.

Erin Mills Youth Centre (The Community Organization Award)

Erin Mills Youth Centre is a non-profit organization that puts emphasis on Engaging Youth and creating positive adult-youth partnerships that affirms the capacity and contributions of youth. This organization supports and empowers youth to advocate for themselves and their community in order to create a brighter future. Establishing and building on community partnerships are a big part of what Erin Mills Youth Centre does. Earlier this month, a basketball court was launched in their community and the youth were actively involved working with other community partners for a number of years to see their dream become a reality. This court will provide jobs for the youth, and a safe space to meet and build relationships. This is an example of what can happen when the youth are given a voice and an organization is able to provide adequate opportunity and support.

Alice Mu (The Bell Canada Youth Award)

Alice Mu has been a Peer Youth Worker at Nexus Youth Services for the past two years. In this position Alice is responsible for ensuring youth feel welcome, safe and heard in the space. She has made considerable efforts to hear the needs of the youth she interacts with in order to connect them with the resources they need. Many of the youth who come through the youth centre face a myriad of challenges. They are often a combination of struggles with school, conflict with family and/or peers, and overcoming significant mental health and/or addictions concerns. Some youth are dealing with housing issues, unemployment, and many of the youth are involved with the legal system. Alice is also active as a leader with Nexus’ Pro-Ject Leadership Group (PLG). The PLG plans and implements different projects and events to meet varying needs of youth in the Nexus Community. Some examples of the group’s work include the production of an info-video called NexRace about Youth-Related resources in Peel for mental health and homelessness; Nextalks—a mini-conference aimed at reducing mental health stigma; and Stressventions—a mini-conference exploring ways to reduce stress. Alice played a leadership role in each of these initiatives.

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