Aspire Tutoring (K-6)

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Aspire is the recipient of the 2012 Community-Based Program of the Year, awarded by the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP). In 2014, Aspire was named by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services as a program in line with their six foundational principles of community safety.

What? Why?
Aspire is a no-cost, high quality, after-school tutoring program for children (K-6) provided in priority neighbourhoods in Mississauga. By improving academic achievement and building peer relationships, Aspire helps students reach their full potential. Students who love school are less likely to drop out of school and to engage in criminal activities. Parents of Aspire not only reported improved academic grades and social skills but also reported having increased quality time with their children due to faster homework completion.
Aspire students (K-6) are paired with a peer tutor (high-school or college/university student) who meet once a week after school to work on an area of academic need.

Aspire operates in 13 locations:

South-East Mississauga

  • 3420 Collegeway (Collegeway and Colonial)
  • 3023 Parkerhill Road (Dundas and Hurontario)
  • 3180 Kirwin Ave (Hurontario and Dundas)
  • 1900 North Sheridan Way (Erin Mills and QEW)
  • 30 Hanson Road (Hurontario and central Parkway W.)
  • 3590 Colonial Drive (Ridgeway Drive and The Collegeway)

North-West Mississauga

  • 5995 Glen Erin Drive (Glen Erin and Britannia)
  • 45 Glen Hawthorne Blvd (Bristol and Hurontario)
  • 100 Acorn Place (Hurontario and Eglinton)
  • Gardenview Court, 20 Ceremonial Dr. (Hurontario and Ceremonial)
  • 7340 Goreway Drive (Goreway & Morning Star)
  • 4983 Rathkeale Road (Creditview and Eglinton)
  • 1535-1555 South Parade Court (Creditview and Eglinton)

For more information on how Aspire will help your child, please click here to view the flyer (PDF).

For more information on how to become an Aspire Tutor, please click here to view the flyer (PDF).

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