Counter-Act: Vandalism

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What? Why?
The Counter-Act Toolkit is a no-cost anti-vandalism program offered to elementary school teachers (Grades 1-5).

The Toolkit includes six lesson plans designed to supplement the current Elementary curriculum. With a focus on vandalism prevention and good citizenship, the toolkit provides teachers with the tools to deliver 50-minute lessons to their class.

The program demonstrates the following:

  • the impact of vandalism on the community;
  • emphasizes the responsibilities of active citizens and good citizenry;
  • encourages youth to take care of publicly owned property;
  • promotes the importance of making positive choices and respect for the environment.

Interested in viewing a sample Lesson Plan from the Counter-Act Toolkit? Click here

Though Mississauga remains amongst the safest cities in Canada, property offences which include theft, mischief and vandalism make up for the highest incidents of misconduct in the city.  Based on police-reported data, Canada consistently shows crime rates peaking during late adolescence and early adulthood.

Recognizing the important role educators play in developing qualities of respect, responsibility, and ownership, Counter-Act takes a developmental approach to addressing the issue at its root.

By educating youth on positive choices, and showing them how their actions affect others within the community, we strive to teach youth compassion for others, whilst promoting smart decision making.

To help teachers learn and integrate the program into your current curriculum with ease, the Counter-Act Toolkit offers:

  • 6 Lesson plans aligned with Ontario Elementary Curriculum Expectations
  • Teacher resources and instructional aids
  • Student worksheets and learning activities
  • Neighbourhood Knights Trivia Game

Fun and interactive material (comic books, bookmarks, colouring sheets, pins, etc).

  • School Information

  • Teacher/Organizer Information

  • Participants Details

  • Please note that participating teachers will be asked to complete an Evaluation Survey following completion of the lesson(s) used. This will be sent to the email address within the Contact Information of this form
  • School Information

  • Teacher/Organizer Information

  • Please note that you may be contacted to discuss your interest in the Counter-Act program.

You can access the Counter-Act Toolkit materials by clicking this link.

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