Crossroads Youth Programs

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What? Why?
Crossroads Youth Programs are a series of workshops and assemblies on crime prevention and skills development. The Crossroads program believes in the principle that the best way to reduce crime is to address it before it occurs. Through early intervention in the lives of youth, we enhance their knowledge of crime prevention, promote positive decision-making, and work to reduce motivating or risk-factors associated with criminality. Internationally recognized by the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners, the Crossroads Youth Academy motivates and empowers youth to become informed citizens, make healthy choices, and increase the safety of all residents in Mississauga.
The Crossroads program is delivered to youth as an in-school program or via community sessions at Mississauga youth organizations.


An Overview

a) Crossroads Youth Academy (CYA): High-Schools – 7 mandatory sessions delivered in a classroom environment.

b) Single-Session Presentations: High-Schools – Intimate Partner Violence or various skills development workshops.

c) Assemblies: Elementary, Middle & High-Schools – Large-style assembly presentations tailored to meet needs of the students and school.

Crossroads Youth Academy

Grades 9-12 | 7 core sessions + optional lesson(s)

Crossroads is most commonly delivered through the Crossroads Youth Academy (CYA), an in-school program conducted in Mississauga high schools.  The CYA consists of two phases: 1) The Academy Phase and 2) The Service Phase (Optional)

The Academy Phase consists of 7 core sessions and optional session(s). Expert trainers from Safe City Mississauga and our program partners, including Peel Regional Police and Bank of Canada, deliver one-hour sessions.

Mandatory Sessions Include:

  1. Crime Prevention & Personal Safety
  2. Youth and the Law
  3. Intimate Partner Violence
  4. Cyber Safety
  5. Identifying Vulnerabilities
  6. Drug Education
  7. Counterfeit Detection

Optional Sessions Include:

  1. Financial Literacy
  2. Job Skills Training
  3. Presentation Skills

Service Phase (Optional)

The Service Phase is a post-CYA assignment that demonstrates the knowledge students have learned during the presentations. Students may choose to create an electronic presentation, an educational poster, or a project of their choice. Instructions and rubric are provided.

Single-Session Presentations

Grades 9-12 | May book multiple sessions

Crime Prevention Topics: Intimate Partner Violence, Cyber Safety

Skills Development Workshops: Financial Literacy, Job Skills Training, Presentation Skills


Grades K-12 | Tailored presentations, may book multiple sessions

Tailored assembly presentations are offered to elementary, middle and high-schools. Each assembly is approximately 30-60 minutes in length and may be tailored to meet the needs of your school.

Topic Options include: Road, Pedestrian and Personal Safety, Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships, Cyber Safety, Digital Citizenship, Theft Prevention, etc.

Community Sessions

Youth-focused organizations | Single or multiple sessions

Crossroads workshops are offered to youth community organizations. Sessions are one-hour in length and offer participants knowledge and skills in crime prevention and/or professional development.

Crime Prevention Topics: Cyber Safety, Crime Prevention & Personal Safety, Youth and the Law, Intimate Partner Violence

Skills Development workshops:  Financial Literacy, Job Skills Training, and Presentation Skills.

  • Teacher/Organizer Information

  • For example: Teacher / Global Studies
  • Session Dates & Time Selection

    Note that Crossroads Youth Academy offers two sessions per school week. Please ensure your time selection is within your regular school day timetable (civic, careers, law, common lunch, leadership, or any other period).

  • Indicate the days of week you would like to receive Crossroads.
  • Please note class sizes must be a minimum of 20. Classes may be combined.
  • Background Information

  • If you have any questions, comments or concerns this a great place to share them.
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