Safe City Mississauga is a registered charitable organization founded in 1992 to help reduce criminal opportunity and criminal victimization in Mississauga. We provide resources, staff, professional community leadership and guidance for crime prevention programs and activities; encourage crime prevention education within the public, private and voluntary sectors; and research, develop and implement new community crime prevention programs and activities.


Mississauga will be a safe city for all.


Community leadership for crime prevention through education, research, collaboration, and citizen engagement.

Strategic Goals

Safe City Mississauga strives to be a leader in the field of crime prevention. Through the use of promising practices and evidence-based research, Safe City Mississauga will seek to address existing and emerging issues with relevant services, events, and information to meet the community’s needs.

Collaboration is key to having the most reach and impact in our community. Safe City Mississauga will continue to build on partnerships and identify new opportunities for partnership in research, education, and programming initiatives.

Mississauga is a culturally diverse city. Through partnerships, outreach, and community efforts, Safe City Mississauga will provide information and services that resonates with the diverse communities of our city.

The organization can only continue to have impact if it is built on a foundation of sustainability. Safe City Mississauga will continue to update board governance, documents, and policies, and will pursue diverse funding sources to ensure the sustainability and relevance of the organization for the long term.

Diversity Policy

Safe City Mississauga respects, values and celebrates the diversity of people who make up our community. In its commitment to excellence and fairness, Safe City Mississauga seeks to recognize and remove barriers to full participation in all Safe City Mississauga activities, programs, and events.

As a fundamental principle, Safe City Mississauga will be fair and equitable in its practices by observing the spirit of the Ontario Human Rights Code. This will be done by recognizing, acknowledging and respecting the diversity of individuals regardless of race, place of origin, disability, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, sex, age, parental or family status, citizenship, ethnic origin, marital status, income level, work experience, literacy level, cultural tradition, ancestry, educational background, same sex partnerships and geographic location.