General Donation

A donation to the General Fund allows your donation to be used for any of the programs or projects where there is most need – Neighbourhood Watch, Aspire Tutoring, Crossroads Youth Academy, Counter-Act: Vandalism Prevention and our Campaigns!

Program Donation

Neighbourhood Watch: Neighbourhood Watch is an organized group of neighbours looking out for one another, and each other’s property. It is facilitated by our Neighbourhood Services Manager and remains one of the largest crime prevention programs in Mississauga, in partnership with and delivered alongside the Peel Regional Police. It also includes a community event called Neighbours Night Out which encourages community engagement, and aims to connect residents to local organizations and law enforcement in their own neighbourhoods. Donations will go towards program and service expansion and delivery throughout the city.

Business Watch: Business Watch is an organized community of business owners looking out for one another and their business properties. The program focuses on community transparency and encourages the reporting of crime and suspicious activity. It also provides crime prevention educational materials so business owners can learn to keep their businesses safe. Donations will go towards program and service expansion and delivery throughout the city.

School Watch: School Watch is an organized group of students looking out for one another and their school. The program focuses on educating students on crime prevention and increasing the reporting of suspicious activity and crime to improve student safety and wellbeing. Donations will be used to expand the program offerings and enhance crime prevention educational materials.

Youth Life Skills: Youth Life Skills provides self-directed courses on our Crime Prevention Management System to help students understand and apply valuable life skills which they may not learn elsewhere. The program focuses on teaching skills which support students in working toward academic and vocational goals, and encourage independence and healthy behaviour. Donations will be used to expand the program and integrate a healthy relationship learning component.

Campaign Donation

#FutureGrad Campaign: Prevent a student from dropping out of school and donate to the #FutureGrad campaign. Your donation provides kits filled with posters and bracelets for students. Donations will also go towards bus shelter ads.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Safe City Mississauga as the leading crime prevention organization in Mississauga, hosts a variety of successful fundraising events throughout the year.

The support of corporate sponsors contributes to enhancing the quality of these events, maximizing participation and benefit to attendees. By visibly supporting Safe City Mississauga as a sponsor, you also showcase your business and demonstrate your support to a crime-free city for all.

Sponsors are appropriately recognized for their support in marketing, promotions, press releases, invitations, event programs, event web page(s), Annual Report and various other means of communications.

For additional information, please contact the Safe City Mississauga office at 905-615-4155 ext. 4478.