Safe City Mississauga Launches New White Ribbon Campaign

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MISSISSAUGA, ON – On December 14, we launched a new White Ribbon Campaign – “Change the Odds”. We teamed up with HumberAd Centre – Media Studies and Information Technology students to assist with re-branding the campaign.

Did you know that one out of two women in Canada have experienced at lease one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16. The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest effort in the world of men working with men to end violence against women. The campaign is implemented in over 55 countries.

According to the Annual Performance Report (2011) by Peel Regional Police, domestic disputes and disturbances is the #1 call for police help. In this report, there were 14,516 incidences of domestic disturbances in Peel Region. This number does not include the numbers of domestic disputes that escalate to become crimes against person such as physical assaults, sexual assaults, threats and harassment.

“We need to realize that violence against women needs to be addressed,” says Saania Jamal, Community Affairs and Development Specialist, Safe City Mississauga. “Unfortunately not enough has been done to stop the cycle of violence.”

From December 14 to December 31, residents of Mississauga will see numerous bus shelter ads, campaign posters, and kits all over Mississauga. Many secondary schools, businesses and organizations in Mississauga will be supporting the campaign.

“We hope to educate the public and promote awareness around this issue,” says Ashley Lyons, Executive Director, Safe City Mississauga. “All you have to do is wear the white ribbon, sign the pledge and spread the word.” For more information on how to sign the petition and obtain a white ribbon, contact Saania Jamal at