Join the 4.6%: Invest today in Mississauga's future

The success of most crime prevention initiatives depends on the support and involvement of the community.

We both know that your $25 or $50 doesn’t make a huge impact on its own…BUT imagine if just 4.6% of Mississauga residents gave $25 annually – That would be enough to financially sustain the crime prevention programs that have become the backbone of our city’s safety and have helped us rank among Canada’s safest large cities.

The power of collective action is undeniable. Your support isn’t just a donation; it’s an investment in the safety and well-being of your entire community.

Studies show that by investing just one dollar per person in smart safety planning, a city can get better results in reducing crime effectively and cost efficiently.

Impact From Your Generosity

A small glimpse of what your donations have been able to achieve


Program participants from all ages, backgrounds, demographics and neighbourhoods across Mississauga annually


Civics4Kids! workbooks distributed


New Neighbourhood Watches activated to strengthen more Mississauga communities annually


Participants engaged in Neighbour’s Night Out to strengthen neighbourhood solidarity and deter crime