Neighbourhood Watch

What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch is an organized group of neighbours looking out for one another, and each other’s property. This no-cost initiative fosters transparency and empowers residents to stay vigilant against crime and suspicious activities. By sharing information anonymously and working hand in hand with law enforcement, we create safer streets and tighter-knit communities. Beyond reducing crime rates, Neighbourhood Watch strengthens bonds among residents, forging a united front against threats.

By being a part of Neighbourhood Watch, you’re not just joining a program—you’re becoming a vital part of one of the largest crime prevention efforts in partnership with Peel Regional Police. Let’s build a safer, stronger community together.

What’s included?

  • Set-Up Meeting – Conducted by Safe City Mississauga with invitations to Peel Regional Police and your local Councillor
  • An evidence-based crime prevention audit of your neighbourhood – Utilizing CPTED principles, the audit will observe environmental opportunities that are inviting to criminals
  • Neighbourhood Watch Signage – a deterrent to would-be offenders that indicates your Watch is active, and people have their eyes on the street
  • Email notifications – about local crime and suspicious activity occurrences
  • Monthly Bulletins – created by Safe City Mississauga
  • Closer relationship with neighbours – The program encourages and supports neighbourhood social events such as potlucks, BBQs, or coffee night outs
  • Access to Resources – including crime prevention information, contacts, and safety flyers

Start a Neighbourhood Watch

Got questions? Contact the Neighbourhood Services Manager at:

905-615-4155 ext. 4478
[email protected]
1055A - 300 City Centre Drive Mississauga, L5B 3C9