What is School Watch?

The School Watch program teaches youth the importance of graduating high school, keeping a clean criminal record, and building life skills to live happy, healthy and productive lives free of crime.

School Watch is all about…

  1. Educating youth on crime prevention and life skills;
  2. Engaging them in community clean-up events; and
  3. Encouraging responsible and equitable reporting

Through this program, Mississauga high schools and community organizations can request:

  • In-person presentations (Graduation 101 and Criminal Record Impacts)
  • In-person Youth Life Skills workshops:
    1. Communication Skills for Academic & Professional Success
    2. Jobs & Careers
    3. Healthy Living
    4. Personal Finance Part I
    5. Personal Finance Part II
    6. Planning for Post-Secondary Education
    7. Critical Thinking
    8. Time Management, Planning & Organization
    9. Volunteering
  • Community/school clean-up events to support youth in earning volunteer hours toward their graduation requirement

Youth can register online to access our virtual mini-courses and a list of local reporting resources and community supports (including specific resources for Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ youth).

Click here to register

The format of School Watch is customizable! Please contact Lauren Kinne (ysm@safecitymississauga.on.ca) to learn more and request programming.