Explore the world of safety and civic responsibility with your kids at home!

Safe City Mississauga is delighted to provide your family with these valuable resources that promote safety and civic responsibility and spark meaningful conversations. You can download individual worksheets for a flexible, topic-by-topic approach, or access all worksheets bundled together in a print-friendly workbook format.


Get ready to dive into a super cool worksheet all about bullying. We’ll explore real-life examples of bullying, learn some cool tips to prevent it, and even tackle different scenarios to spark a discussion. Let’s tackle bullying together and make the world a happier place!


Get excited for a wonderful worksheet that teaches you when to call 911 and uses pretend situations to show you when it’s the right time to request emergency services. Let’s become pros at knowing when to make that important call for help! Let’s go!


Gear up for an engaging worksheet all about cyberbullying and how to stay safe online. We’ll learn some cool tips to protect our privacy and even go through some scenarios to talk about cyberbullying. Let’s start our journey to safe internet use together!


Get set to jump into a worksheet that’s all about being a rockstar citizen and a super cool community member. We’ll use some pretend situations to dive into the world of positive decision-making and see what it takes to be a shining example of awesomeness.


Get pumped for a spectacular worksheet all about littering and keeping our community clean. We’ll learn why it’s important to keep things tidy and categorize different types of waste with a sorting activity. It’s time to become champions of cleanliness and environmental superheroes!


Brace yourself for a fantastic worksheet that’s all about road safety and how to stay focused while on the go. We’ll dive into some super helpful tips to keep ourselves safe and avoid any distractions. Plus, there’s an exciting questionnaire to test your knowledge. Safety first, let’s go!


Get set for a wonderful worksheet all about keeping yourself safe and sound. We’ll dive into some super cool tips for staying safe when you’re out and about in public. We’ve got a fun questionnaire to put your knowledge to the test and see how safety-savvy you are. Safety is our superpower, let’s conquer it!


Buckle up for a super exciting worksheet that’s all about graduation and why going to school rocks! We’ll explore the amazing advantages of getting an education and how it can open doors to awesome opportunities. Plus, there’s a brain-teasing question to test your knowledge. It’s time to celebrate the power of education!


Get ready to enjoy an epic worksheet that’s all about vandalism and street art. We’ll dive into the world of creative expression and learn about the important difference between public and private property with a fun matching activity. Together, we can make our community sparkle!