Our Solution

How we’ve helped make Mississauga one of the safest large cities in Canada

Our Watches

From the streets to the storefronts and classrooms, our three Watch programs embody our collective resolve to protect what matters most. Through vigilance, education, and unwavering unity, these programs help us look out for each other at home, work, and school.

Child & Youth

Our children and youth programs empower the next generation to stay safe and make a difference. We equip young people with the tools and knowledge to make safe choices, build resilience, and contribute positively to their communities. From school safety workshops to youth leadership development, our programs inspire and nurture the potential of every child and teen in Mississauga.


From our annual Crime Prevention Conference, where top experts share insights and strategies, to the Justice Luncheon, Neighbour’s Night Out, and CPTED training, our events focus on the crucial transfer of knowledge. By bringing together community members and leading crime prevention minds, we equip everyone with the tools and understanding needed to build a safer city together.

Make an Impact Today

3 ways you can make your city safer in 3 minutes or less

Join the 4.6%

For just $25 a year, you can be a part of the 4.6% of Mississauga residents fuelling the city’s key community crime prevention programs through our Community Crime Prevention Network

Start a Neighbourhood or Business Watch

A 20-80% drop in crime has been reported once an active Watch is up and running.

Empower Youth with Education

Education empowers kids to make informed choices, resist negative influences, and become active participants in building a brighter future for themselves and their community. Contribute to this by requesting School Watch programming or downloading our Civics 4 Kids worksheets for at-home learning.


A safe city isn’t just a place to live—it’s a catalyst for greatness. It’s where residents thrive, free from fear or insecurity. With safety as our cornerstone, we empower individuals to reach new heights in every facet of life. From pursuing dreams to raising a happy family, a safe city is the foundation upon which we build our brightest futures.


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Youth reported feeling more safe


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