Graffiti Free City


The Graffiti-Free City Campaign aims to remind citizens to report graffiti. Graffiti is defined as writing, drawing, or symbols applied to any surface without the consent of the property owner, authorized agent, or designate. Graffiti is mischief, which is a Criminal Code offence. It can be punishable for up to a 10-year prison sentence.


Reporting and swiftly cleaning up graffiti isn’t just about tidying the streets—it’s about safeguarding our community’s integrity. Unaddressed graffiti sends a damaging message: apathy breeds more graffiti and invites crime to thrive. Beyond its visual blight, graffiti damages our city’s vitality, impacting businesses, stunting growth, deterring tourism, and eroding property values. Every dollar spent on graffiti cleanup is a dollar diverted from vital social services. From parks and playgrounds to mailboxes and bridges, graffiti scars every corner of our city. But together we can change that.


You can prevent graffiti by increasing lighting and visibility in vulnerable locations, restricting access to walls by planting shrubs or trees,ucating students with the Civics 4 Kids! workbook on littering and graffiti.


Attention, young heroes! We’ve got an amazing series of Neighbourhood Knight comic books that teach us super important lessons about preventing crime and making our community even better! Get ready to learn all about stopping vandalism, keeping our streets clean, standing up against bullying, preventing shoplifting, and staying safe from cyberbullying!