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Safe City Mississauga encourages you to volunteer with our organization.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Doing good for the community
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Network with professionals in the field of social work, policing, government, etc.
  • Accumulate volunteer hours and obtain a reference letter
Type Description Time Commitment
Aspire Site Coordinator Aspire Site Coordinators are responsible for on-site supervision of volunteer tutors through assistance with lesson planning, curriculum development, and scheduling. Site Coordinators also provide weekly written reports to Aspire staff and may be asked to assist with special events and data collection. 3 hours (after 3pm); weekly
Aspire Tutor Aspire Tutors meet with Aspire students from K-6 and help them with a subject of particular need such as Math, English or French. 2-3 hours (after 3pm); weekly
Safe City Ambassador Safe City Ambassadors help plan and implement Safe City Mississauga events such as the Crime Prevention Conference, Justice Luncheon and Neighbours Night Out. They also attend third-party events on behalf of Safe City Mississauga. Volunteers set-up an information table and provide information to people who are interested in crime prevention. 6-8 hours (daytime); occasionally
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