Nominate a Hero

Safe City Mississauga Hero Awards celebrate Mississauga residents who have made extraordinary contributions to crime prevention in their community. These contributions can include:

Community Service:
Volunteering time, goods, and/or funding to prevent crime in Mississauga.

Education and Awareness:
Posting social media that educates everyone on how to help prevent crime.

Youth Engagement:
Demonstrating leadership in civic responsibility for a safe city.

Implementing creative solutions or tools to address crime and safety issues in the community.

Promoting policies or initiatives that aim to improve public safety and reduce crime rates.

Courageous Acts:
Taking decisive action in dangerous or challenging situations to prevent crime or protect others.

These awards recognize individuals who go above and beyond to make their community a safer place for everyone.

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  • Support Materials:

    Supporting materials are not mandatory. They will be used to augment or clarify information provided in the nomination and may be useful in situations where nominations are deemed to be very close in merit by the judges. Please check the type of supporting materials being submitted with this nomination.

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