Civics 4 Kids

What? Why?
The Civics 4 Kids Worksheets are available through our E-Commerce store (link insert). It includes 16 lesson plans by grade level designed to supplement the current Elementary curriculum.

The program demonstrates the following:

  • the impact of vandalism on the community;
  • emphasizes the responsibilities of active citizens and good citizenry;
  • encourages youth to take care of publicly owned property;
  • promotes the importance of making positive choices and respect for the environment.
Though Mississauga remains amongst the safest cities in Canada, property offences which include theft, mischief and vandalism make up for the highest incidents of misconduct in the city.  Based on police-reported data, Canada consistently shows crime rates peaking during late adolescence and early adulthood.

Recognizing the important role educators play in developing qualities of respect, responsibility, and ownership, Civics 4 Kids takes a developmental approach to addressing the issue at its root.

By educating youth on positive choices, and showing them how their actions affect others within the community, we strive to teach youth compassion for others, whilst promoting smart decision making.


Download the lesson plans, facilitator’s guide, and student worksheets from our online system! There are also three standalone worksheets and answer keys on littering, vandalism, and good citizenship that can be used without the toolkit. Click here to learn more.