School Watch

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What is School Watch?
School Watch is an adaptation of the Neighbourhood Watch and Business Watch programs, in which secondary school students look out for one another and their school. The program focuses on identifying local issues, educating students on crime prevention, increasing the reporting of suspicious activity, improving student safety and wellbeing, and decreasing the high school drop-out rate. The School Watch program will offer crime prevention educational materials and other tools and resources that will help students identify and address school-wide issues such as vandalism and bullying. It will also encourage student leadership and awareness promotion of relevant topics such as mental health and substance use. In a School Watch, the objective is to foster an environment that encourages accountability and prosocial behavior leading to reduced criminal opportunity and victimization among students inside and outside of schools. By participating in the Watch, everyone is aware of what is going on in the school, and working together to maintain the safety and wellbeing of all students.

Safe City Mississauga’s School Watch program is currently in the planning phase! A planning committee made up of a diverse group of individuals from Peel Region was created in October 2020. Meetings are being held monthly to discuss the high level planning and strategy for program delivery.

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