Attention, young heroes! We’ve got an amazing series of Neighbourhood Knight comic books that teach us super important lessons about preventing crime and making our community even better! Get ready to learn all about stopping vandalism, keeping our streets clean, standing up against bullying, preventing shoplifting, and staying safe from cyberbullying!

Issue No. 1

Introducing our first comic book! It’s all about saying “no” to graffiti. Get your capes on and join us in this exciting adventure of standing up against vandalism.

Issue No. 2

This issue is all about avoiding littering and keeping your community clean. Get ready for an exciting journey to become litter-free heroes and make our community shine!

Issue No. 3

This one teaches us an important lesson: bullying is everyone’s business! We’ll learn to stand up against bullying instead of standing by. Let’s make a difference and spread positivity everywhere we go!

Issue No. 4

This issue tackles two important topics: shoplifting and gang initiation. We’ll discover that stealing has consequences and that making good choices is always the way to go. It’s time to release our decision-making superpowers!

Issue No. 5

In this last adventure, we’ll learn all about cyberbullying and why it’s important to think before we share things online. Let’s be kind online and speak up about cyberbullying!