Cyber Ambassadors Program Launches New Website

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MISSISSAUGA, ON – Safe City Mississauga’s Cyber Ambassadors project has launched its brand new website

Designed as an interactive resource-based social community, the new website provides Mississauga youth with a safe place to go on the web where they can escape from online bullying and harassment, and engage with a community where positivity is spread. The site is set up to include a message board where youth can create new discussion topics about books, movies, TV shows, music, and more. Youth can also contribute pieces of writing to the blog, and can also submit questions and seek advice in our Q & A section.

“This website is really unique in that it is a guaranteed safe space,” said Jessica Newton, Project Coordinator of Cyber Ambassadors. “We will be monitoring and approving all posts before they go live to ensure there is no cyberviolence of any kind. In a world where everything is becoming digital, including friendships, our goal was to create somewhere on the internet for our Cyber Ambassadors and other Mississauga youth to connect with one another and make a positive change.”

In March 2014, Safe City Mississauga received two-year funding through the Status of Women Canada’s ‘Cyber and Sexual Violence: Helping Communities Respond’ Grant. The purpose of this project is to support young women and community partners in working together to develop and implement appropriate strategies that prevent and eliminate cyberviolence against young women and girls in Mississauga.