Neighbourhood Watch

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What? Why?
Safe City Mississauga’s Neighbourhood Watch Program increases community safety by inspiring residents to look out for their neighbour, and their neighbour’s property. The entire program is offered at no-cost. The program utilizes theories of Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED), social development, and community mobilization to help residents make their neighbourhood safer. All our Neighbourhood Watches receive a CPTED Audit of their neighbourhood, a community set-up meeting with Safe City Mississauga and Peel Regional Police, crime prevention information, presentations, materials, and resources. All streets participating in our program receive City signage labelling them as Neighbourhood Watch streets – reminding criminals that their chances of being immediately reported are higher. More than that, Neighbourhood Watch inspires residents to take back their neighbourhood from crime; and while the program has been shown to reduce criminal activity, one of the greatest benefits is that it brings people closer together, into a stronger community. Nearly all studies show that Neighbourhood Watch areas are associated with lower levels of crime, and research indicates that implementing a Neighbourhood Watch can reduce neighbourhood crimes by up to 61% (Bennett, Holloway, & Farrington, 2008). In 2015, Safe City Mississauga contracted Social Impact Squared to conduct a social impact study on the Program. It was determined that our Neighbourhood Watch streets decreased their property crime by 36% within their first year in comparison to streets with no Watches (see Reports). Safe City Mississauga puts an additional edge on our Watches by providing them with individualized CPTED audits. This evidence-based approach focuses on looking at the environmental changes that can be made to make the neighbourhood safer. By making a few small changes, your neighbourhood becomes unappealing to would-be offenders to commit a crime, and has been seen to reduce property crime on its own by 80% if implemented correctly.
Start a Neighbourhood Watch

  1. Fill out the form below indicating that you would like to begin a Neighbourhood Watch in your area. If you live on private property, you will require Board approval prior to implementing a Watch.
  2. Safe City Mississauga Staff will contact you with additional information. You will receive a canvassing form and reference letter from our office to canvass door-to-door. Should you require accessibility accommodation for canvassing please contact us.
  3. Canvass your area, and sign up at least 50% of the dwellings on your street, apartment, or complex. Once completed, send us the forms – and we’ll take it from here!
  4. Our CPTED specialist will conduct an audit of your neighbourhood. The results will be discussed at your Set-Up meeting.
  5. A Neighbourhood Watch Set-Up meeting will take place at a nearby Community Centre/Library. We will provide a presentation on the Program, and Peel Police will present on home security. We will distribute crime prevention materials at this meeting.
  6. The City will install signage in your neighbourhood, denoting your area as a Neighbourhood Watch (may take up to 4 weeks for installation).
  7. Your neighbourhood, now trained in crime prevention and safety, will report crime to both the police and Safe City Mississauga. Crime reported to Safe City Mississauga will be emailed out to all residents in the Watch list to keep them informed.

If you are unsure whether your Neighbourhood Watch is still active or not, contact us.

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